Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fourth Grade Schedule

  • 7:50-8:00- Announcements/Lunch Count/Attendance
    8:00-9:00- Science/Social Studies with Mrs. Puri
    9:00-10:10-Break Out Bunch - (Reading or Math)
    10:10-10:15-snack & restroom
    10:15-11:00- Enrichment:
    • M-Art
    • T-Music
    • W-PE (sneakers)
    • Th-Science
    • F-Computer
    11:00-12:10- Break Out Bunch -(Reading or Math)
    12:10-12:30-Begin Lang. Arts with Mrs. Espinoza
    1:00-1:30- Recess
    1:30-2:15- Continue Lang. Arts
    2:15-2:45- Coyote Time
    2:45- Pack up and Dismissal
    Espinoza/Puri -switch for Lang. Arts, Science/ Social Studies
    Jivani/Wittenauer- switch for Lang. Arts, Science/ Social Studies
    Hall- teaches- Lang. Arts, Science, Social Studies to his homeroom
    Math BOB teachers- Hall, Jivani, & Puri
    Reading BOB teachers- Espinoza, Puri, & Wittenauer